Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Your money back if you are not 100% satisfied

Yes, that's correct: if you buy your Fly Flot online this month, we'll give you a 100% Comfort Guarantee! Try your new pair of Fly Flot footwear at the comfort of your home. If within seven days you are not 100% satisfied with your new pair of Fly Flot footwear, we give you your money back.


In Italy, Fly Flot is renowned for its comfortable footwear. With hundreds of stores all over the country, Fly Flot is a household name which stands for quality and well-being. Check out here why Fly Flot footwear is so comfortable.

Singaporeans might not yet be familiar with Fly Flot, launched islandwide just a few months ago. Now is the moment to convince yourself that Fly Flot shoes are genuinely comfortable, without any risk.


Order a pair of Fly Flot footwear online. Make sure you order the correct size, we have useful fitting information here

If during the first week you are not 100% satisfied, you can bring your pair back to the Fly Flot e-Commerce Centre. Our team can help you to find out how to improve fit and comfort. And in case you are still not satisfied, we return your payment 100%, no further questions asked. 

Good to know

  • You can try your Fly Flot footwear for up to seven days, indoor and outside. 

  • Bring back your Fly Flot pair in person to the Fly Flot e-Commerce Centre, within seven days after we have delivered the order to your doorstep. 

  • We will process the refund via the same payment method you used when you ordered the footwear on our web store.

  • Your bank or credit card company usually needs 4-7 working days to update your statement with this refund.

  • This 100% Comfort Guarantee is personal and limited to one 100% refund per customer.

  • Severely damaged pairs and pairs used outside your home do not qualify for a full refund

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