What Makes Fly Flot Unique?

What Makes Fly Flot Unique?

FLY FLOT combines style and comfort in a unique way. And it all starts with the FLY FLOT sole. Our sole is the result of advanced technological research, a deep understanding of the human body and decades of footwear craftsmanship. This has resulted in the four A's of Total Wellness.


Anti Shock FootwearThe FLY FLOT sole cushions the foot impact with the ground, avoiding harmful vibrations to your backbone.


Anatomic FootwearThe FLY FLOT sole takes the shape of your foot's anatomy, maximising its supporting surface.


Auto Shaping FootwearThe FLY FLOT sole is soft and light and by wearing it, it shapes itself automatically on your foot anatomy.


Anti-slip footwwearThe FLY FLOT sole guarantees optimal grip on every surface, giving you an improved sense of safety and confidence.


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