How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Feet

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Feet

One of the most crucial buying decisions you can make for your health is choosing the right footwear. Did you know the shoes you wear today will have an impact on your health later in life? So it is better to be safe than sorry, or you could develop irreversible foot problems that only get worse with age.

Shoes with no arch support will cause flat feet that will affect your posture, causing bad hip and spinal problems later in life. Tight shoes will cause Bunions that never go away. If you buy your shoes to look stylish, without considering your health, reevaluate your buying decision. There are too many dangers associated with wearing a lousy pair of shoes.

Some shoemakers do make shoes that look stylish and offer the features you need to protect your health. However, they are more expensive. But can you really put a price on your health? So let us break down what you should really look for when trying to find the best shoes for your feet.

First Identify What Foot Shape You Have

Before you can identify the right pair of shoes for your feet, you must know what type of foot shape you have. There is a simple test that you can do at home, that I highly recommend. Take a bowl of water, wet your foot, and then step on a piece of paper. Do this for both feet.

If you have flat feet, the impression will be quite wide. A normal arch will have a crescent indentation in the middle of the footprint. A high arch will have a thin line where the crescent indentation should be.

This is how you identify what kind of shoe is right for your feet. If you have flat feet, you will need shoes with a high arch to offer support. However, a normal arch and high arch foot shape will require a more neutral shoe with shock absorption.

Characteristics of A Good Shoe

There are several vital features most shoes do not have that are necessary to maintain your health and posture. If you are currently wearing cheap shoes or shoes that do not have any of our listed features, consider switching brands immediately. Although it does not seem necessary now, even a few weeks of wearing the wrong type of footwear can cause complications later in life.

1. Anti-Slip

The leading cause of injury here in Singapore is slipping and falling, resulting in broken bones, hip replacement, or even death. Regardless of age, anyone can slip on a wet tile floor. Unfortunately, the anti-slip feature is often overlooked, even though it is a must-have feature to prevent serious accidents that can be life-altering!

2. Shock Absorption

When you walk, the bulk of your body weight will slam into the ground, causing kinetic energy or shock to be absorbed by your joints. The cartilage in your knees will absorb this shock to protect your spine. Over time this cartilage can grind down, making it very painful to walk and run, which is why it is so important to use shoes with shock absorption.

Most shoes that claim to have shock absorption can cause more harm than good. Because their simple rubber padding or springs make it harder to walk. The shock absorption feature needs to be lightweight, and spring your foot during release. Therefore, corkscrew material is the right choice for shock absorption, which is generally found in Birkenstock shoes and sandals. Also, the advanced foam used by Fly Flot is an excellent example of how to create proper cushioning.

3. Anatomic Soles

An anatomic shoe features soles that have hinges like a door, running down the sole every inch. This feature allows the sole to bend and contour to the motion of your feet without causing discomfort. Anatomic soles are so flexible they can bend thousands of times and will never break. This is one of the signature characteristics of Fly Flot, shoes, and sandals, making their footwear a superior choice to maintain healthy feet and posture.

4. Arch Support

Once you have identified your foot shape if you are flat-footed, you must use shoes that offer arch support. This feature will help distribute your weight correctly, assisting your posture and equilibrium, reducing the chance of developing foot problems caused by flat feet. Unless you have a normal arch or high arch, you must use a quality pair of shoes that offer arch support to avoid postural problems later in life.

5. Quality Materials

I cannot stress this enough if you spend less on your shoes, your feet will not get the proper care they need. Some sneakers look great and feel comfortable, but they use subpar materials for the most part. Their comfort without adequate support can still lead to various foot problems later in life.

An example of quality material is the suede leather used in Birkenstock shoes. Suede is a breathable leather that looks sharp and allows your foot to breathe, which will help prevent fungal infection. Not to mention, it’s sustainable and lasts much longer than your typical cloth fabric.

How to Shop For Shoes

The best time to shop for shoes is at night because your feet widen as the day goes on. So to get the most comfortable and accurate fit possible, shop in the evening. Be prepared to spend more to get a good, quality pair of shoes, as it’s an investment for your health. However, you can usually find the best prices online from specialized retailers like Comfy Shoes.


To find the right shoe, make a trace outline of your foot on a piece of paper. You can now place your desired shoe onto this tracing, and if it is smaller than the tracing, find a bigger size or try a different shoe. Make sure you try the shoe with the socks that you usually wear. You should not feel tightness and have adequate wiggle room for your toes.

Ensure the shoe you choose matches your foot shape (Flat foot, normal arch, high arch) and is made of quality materials. This is an investment meant to last you several years. Remember, quality over quantity.

What to do when you got a new pair of leather shoes?

You and your new leather shoes need time to form a long-lasting and comfortable relationship. Leather is a durable material that needs time to mould to your feet thoroughly. Here are some tips to smoothen that process.

  1. It's better to start wearing your new shoes for just 1-2 hours in the house for the first few days.
  2. If you experience any discomfort during these first few days, try wearing your new shoes with socks, which help to soften the impact and progress the moulding to your feet.
  3. Only after your shoes feel comfortable, start wearing them for extended periods. Keep in mind that it takes 3-4 weeks until the leather has wholly moulded and your Fly Flots have reached their ultimate level of comfort.

(Keep in mind that you can not return/exchange shoes after you've worn them outdoors).

Don't use hot air or water while trying to speed up the break-in process. We are aware that some sites suggest this, but hot air and water may hurt the durability of the leather.

If you bought your shoes at Comfy Shoes only, and after a few days around in the house, your shoes still feel uncomfortable, contact us at the eCommerce Service Center to plan exchange and fitting session.


This article is offered to you by Fly Flot, makers of Italian footwear known for their focus on quality, comfort and well-being. These shoes and sandals provide your feet with comfort and support, and happy feet contribute to a healthy lifestyle, now also in Singapore. We offer the highest grade of footwear in Europe, designed to last a lifetime, made of the finest quality materials, for business and casual wear. Our footwear is reputable, known for its excellence and advanced features that contribute to lifelong proper foot care.

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