How to Create the Ultimate Capsule Closet

How to Create the Ultimate Capsule Closet

The capsule closet is a trending term used to describe the consolidation of your wardrobe. It is the usage of a few key pieces of clothes that can be interchanged and are always in season. For the last 40 years, the idea has grown in popularity as more women turn to a minimalist lifestyle.

Do you wake up in the morning and spend too long thinking about what to wear for the day? A capsule closet's goal is to make it easy to decide what to wear so you can use that brainpower for more important decisions. The wardrobe should consist of easily interchangeable clothing to create more outfits, ready for any situation.

The idea originated from Susie Faux, who was a London boutique owner during the 1970s. She suggests eight essential pieces of clothes, usually made of one or two colour schemes necessary for your capsule closet to work. Today we'll break down her suggestions, so you can make the ultimate capsule closet, as recommended by the founder of the term.

Capsule Wardrobe List

A capsule closet can contain between 15 to 50 different pieces of clothes. You do not have to own just two pairs of trousers. However, this list is the compilation of what Susie Faux recommends. Keep in mind, regardless of how many pieces of clothes you decide upon, your wardrobe should consist of quality fabrics that will not wear out.

For your trousers, jackets, coats, and bags try to use one or two base colours that match well with everything else, white, black, navy, or grey. After deciding which base colours you prefer for your dress, skirt, and shirts, select up to two accent colours that pop and match with each other. It's best to choose colours that complement your skin tone and for each piece to fit appropriately.

1. Two Pairs of Trousers (Skinny and Loose)

There are two styles of trousers that are a must-have for your capsule closet. A tight pair of skinny trousers that compliment your body shape. And a loose fit straight leg, high rise style of trousers. I recommend you pick colours like navy, white, or black, which pair perfectly with any other colour. A good pair of trousers will maximize your appearance, with little effort, for business or casual events.

2. A Dress (Silk or Satin)

A simple dress can work wonders for a night out on the town or a quick lunch date. It's best to invest in a fine silk dress, it will last a lifetime and really transform your beauty. The best colours to choose are bright pink, yellow, or orange. Subtle but attractive colours that pop and compliment your skin tone. You can have up to five different dresses, but in a capsule closet, less is more.

3. Three Skirts (Mini/Maxi/Pencil)

There are many different types of skirts you can choose from for your capsule closet., However, the skirt ideal for you will be based on your body shape. If you are petite, mini-skirts are the perfect choice to show off your legs. If you are tall, a maxi skirt will complement your height. And if you're curvy, a pencil skirt will flaunt your luscious curves. Good colours to choose from are warm colours like lavender or yellow.

4. Jacket or Blazer

Depending on the weather where you live, you may want a jacket instead of a blazer. In more warm environments, a blazer looks stylish and can be worn in professional situations. However, in colder areas, you may want to opt for a jacket. Or you can own both! When people look at your attire, they mainly focus on the upper torso. So a good jacket or blazer can really add style, elevating your outfit to the next level.

5. Two Pairs of Shoes (Mary Jane Shoes/Wedge Shoes)

Mary Jane shoes and wedge shoes are hands down the two best kinds of shoes to own if you want to complete the ultimate capsule wardrobe. They're the perfect slip-on that looks classy and will match with any outfit in your closet. It's essential to wear shoes that can handle long walks while maintaining a professional appearance, which is why I recommend Fly Flot above all. Great value and a capsule wardrobe is not meant to be cheap, it's meant to last!

6. A Knit (Jumper/Turtleneck)

A cashmere knit can be worn year-long round. It offers warmth and is extremely comfortable. Not only does it look good worn around the house during off days, but also at work in a business setting. A jumper knit is ideal for summer weather, while a turtleneck jumper is perfect for those colder days. Try to choose accent colours that match your other pieces, and remember to wash in a pillowcase to protect your precious garment.

7. Two Bags (Tote Bag/Grab Bag)

Every woman should have accessories. There's no better way to accessorize than to have several handbags to fit every occasion. Going downtown and needing more space? Take a tote handbag that offers all the room you need for all your belongings while elevating your outfit. Visiting a nightclub? Use a small grab bag, safe enough to carry without distracting attention from your stylish silk dress. These two bags combined are a must-have for any capsule wardrobe.

8. A Coat

A good coat is often one of the most expensive pieces of your capsule wardrobe. A quality winter coat is a forever piece, ageless, priceless, and always ready for chilly weather. You can choose from several popular fabrics like cashmere, leather, or shearling. Try an overcoat it's a classic that looks elegant and radiates style, easily worn with any other piece.


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